Types of Dog Gates

Dog Gates Selection Guide

We all love our puppy and consider them our best companions. Even the well-behaved dog needs to be contained during different situations such as someone is visiting or when the doorbell rings. Sometime I want to keep my muddy fellow out of living room or some of my rooms simply contain too many things to break or bite a well-placed pet gates can do a pretty good and effective way to set boundaries in your home.
There are different types of dog gates to choose from including styles, finishes, material, design and color pattern’s. Most pet gates adjust in width to accommodate your needs. Dog gates are typically used at the top or bottom of stairs or in kitcken and most importantly in baby rooms. With such an abundance of dog gates variations available on the market, it can be tricky to decide the best fit. Here are some guidelines about some popular pet gate types:
Outdoor dog gates will keep your dog safely on patio, deck, porches or fenced in to a yard. These gates are weatherproof gates which are purposefully built extra-rugged to stand up to different conditions.
Freestanding pet gates are great for puppies and small dogs. The best thing about these gates is the fact that these gates portable, Versatile, and easy to install. These gates work well blocking doorways, and are a good way to keep your puppy away from trouble while learning the rules of the house.If your dog tends to move the gate then do consider using a bungee cord to help hold the gate against a stair rail or post.
Pressure mounted dog gates are easy to install and often feature pass-through door to allow easy access and dual swing. These gates are great while you are training your friend. Donot use pressure mounted gate on stairways as it could cause damage to the surfaces it’s placed between.
Hardware mounted pet gates are meant for permanent installation and cannot be easily moved. Rest assured that these gates are very high quality gates and are designed to match aesthetic style of your home. These gates come in hardwood and metal and in different elegant finishing’s.