About Us

Welcome to PetSuppliesClub.com!

Pet Supplies Club is wholly own subsidiary of “Thebeecircle Inc.” Being a pet parent is one of the best things in life and we understand it. PetSuppliesClub, is founded by passionate pet owners with an objective of “Healthy and Happy Pets”. We want to make pet food and supplies buying experience as easy as it can get. We respect your opinion about products and offer hassle free returns.

PetSuppliesClub is proud to have dedicated staff is passionate and committed to providing the kind of customer service that makes you say "amazing." We can ship the freshest, highest quality products from all major brands across United States and Canada, at an amazing speed. Most importantly you can trust us with secure online transactions and reach us 24/7.

We pursue our mission by:
1) Delivering safe, high quality pet products and supplies
2) Adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct in the pet supplies industry

If you are a 501C3 organization working for pets in any area or cause, we will offer your organization 5% discount on whole order. Simply reach out to our account management team at info@petsuppliesclub.com and we will issues the discount coupon for your organization.